Axial Wraith Kit





    1. Axial Wraith Kit
      Hard Parts:
      SuperShafty Beefy Top shaft
      SuperShafty Motor Plate
      HR Gear Steel Gear Set
      Robinson Racing Gen3 Spur 54t
      STRC Aluminum Shock Bodies and Caps
      MIP Wraith Drive Shafts
      STRC PanHard Kit
      Vanquish CHubs and Knuckles
      12mm Locking Hexes
      HR Aluminum Beadlock Wheels
      Crawler Innovations Electronics Tray
      Vanquish Steering Links
      Vanquish Upper and Lower Links


  1. Electronics:
    13.5 Tekin Gen2 Brushless Motor
    80amp Hobbyking X-Car ESC
    Solar D772 High Torque Servo
    Castle Creations 10amp BEC
    Custom Arduino based Scale Light Module


Build Pictures.
Gathered parts…


Wraith Kit…


Wheel Porn…
HR Bead locks mounted to the Axial Ripsaw tires…


My first ever build of Axial Wraith Axles. Very smooth even with the “POT” metal gears. Added Vanquish C-Hubs and Knuckles to handle a brushless motor and better turning radius.


Shocks were built using STRC aluminum bodies and cpas. I’ve used these before in my EXO and was very happy with the durability and smoothness. The springs will be painted red after the RC is built.


Stock plastic driveshafts were replaced with MIP CVDs. The stock links in the kit come with aluminum lowers and plastic uppers. For the build, the stock links are used but will be replaced with all Vanquish parts later.


The Transmission was upgraded with a SuperShafty Beefy Top Shaft and Motor plate. Also the spur was change to a Robson Racing 54t Gen3 Slipper to handle brushless power. while I was at it I switch the links to Vanquish Product titanium.


Cage Match. Cage will be modified to look less like a station wagon, and more like a U4 rig. but for now, stock!


Rolling chassis……




The interior was finished with just a basic gloss black and installed.


With the battery moved to the front there needs to be a quick and easy way to access the front. I used a Diet coke can to cut some hood latches.


I am not a painter, but using CAD and Googling some images, I can at least do something that’s better than a flat paint job. My stencils are made out of large mailing labels. These work fantastic and give great results and sharp edges. The only issue is sometimes pealing them off leaved a little residue. The trick is to peal them VERY slowly.  First pic is of my home made paint boot so I am able to paint in the winter…..

I love how the Pactra metal flake red turned out.

IMG_2014122958323IMG_201412293660 IMG_2014122916640 IMG_2014122922231IMG_2014122930706IMG_2014123049566IMG_2014123035193

Electronics and the start of my Scale Arduino Light Controller project. Link for that project can be found here….. 

The Wraith will have a customized version of the Light module. By using the toggle functions of my radio, I will be able to control the lights in various ways. From Scale blinkers to flashing, the skies the limit. It’s all just code.


Installed the ESC with the wires running under Wraith, between the electronics plate and the cage.


LEDs were wired and tested including an extra light bucket that came with the kit, install for front turning signals.


All of the wiring for the lights and servo controls was ran to the back and contained in project box sourced from Radio Shack. The Arduino Scale Light Module was built and wired along with the receiver.


Here is a video of the Scale Light module…..basic functionality

Here’s a video after I made some tweaks and add more functions to the Light Module. I am able to control functionality via the third channel on my radio. I added a few more options including hazard lights, ability to turn them off, and some cool blinky police style shit.


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