SCX-10 Based Chevy Silverado, Class-2 Build

In August (2015), I along with a friend have entered into the RC4WD Scale Challenge in New Castle PA. This event follows the current  SORRCA rules. We have both entered into Class 2. This is a ground up build, piecing parts together and building others from scratch. I have plans for a full metal cage, 3D styrene interior and drop-bed, water proof electronics and scale lighting similar to my Wraith build.



In the beginning……..

I sourced a used SCX-10 frame and transmission that a friend had as a start.


 In search of a body, my full sized daily driver is a 2011 Chevy Silverado so naturally I scoured RCC until one happen to come up for sale at a reasonable cost. This is a New Bright Silverado body and usually goes for around $100 on eBay. I managed to get this one for $60 in the RCC classifieds.


 For axles, I once again turned to the RCC classifieds. When I saw a set of decent used SCX-10 axles come up for sale, I purchased them for around $60. After receiving them in the mail I disassembled them for cleaning and installed new bearings and Axial universals. Due to the weight of the truck, these will most likely see cut bevel gears and MIP drive shafts later. For now, the stock ones will do.


To keep the width of the truck narrow I decided to use the STRC knuckles vs. Vanquish 8 degree parts. I would much rather have Vanquish on the steering but with the wheels I am using (shown further in the build) they would rub the tire requiring wheel spacers and widening the wheel base.



 I added a VP Pan-hard and CMS kit and made my own links from 8-32 all-thread. I managed to find a scrap piece of stainless tubing from work to test on the pan-hard link. This is the only piece that probably won’t change in length. I will have to set the wheel base for the body later so no point covering anything else just yet.

 I liked the look of the STRC rear truss better than others I have seen. Unfortunately the rod ends rub and need to be sanded to fit without binding.



  For mockup, I installed some Gmade tires I had onto the SSD D-Hole steel wheels I picked up from RPP at the same time I bought the Pan-hard. These will be replaced with something that fits the body wheel wells better and preferably with a better compound. The Gmade tires are very stiff.


The stock SCX Shocks are terrible and leak.

These, are like silk



The Cage…..

 I picked up some 3/16 6061 rod from McMaster-Carr and started bending….  Fitting the rear part of the cage to the body. And then molding the cage around the doors. This part took the longest. Test, bend and repeat…..for hours. I stole some scrap .125 pieces from work for the mounts. Thicker than I wanted to use, but free.

I have a lot left to do to finish the cage, making braces and cleaning up the brazing and figuring out some sliders.


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